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Molde de dintel

The Hydraform Lintel mould is used to create a beam that replaces the conventional pre-stresses lintel as well as the make shift lintels being casted on site, that is used over windows and door frames. This resulting lintel is designed to look alike and also interlock into the Hydraform soil cement blocks used in the walls. The added advantage is the dry stack option ontop of the lintel.

Molde de dintel
  • Especificaciones de la máquina
  • Máquina móvil:
  • No
  • Power Source:
  • Manual
  • Dimensions:
  • 5x6x8x10mm.
  • Capacity:
  • One block at a time
  • Advantages:
  • Built in slots to acquire desired length of beam as per the table below.
  • Personal operativo:
  • 1 operators.
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